Monday, November 30, 2009

Nominate Us Today

It's that time of year again! Cliopatria (one of the largest databases of historical blogs) is hosting their year end "Best History Blogs" contest. Sadly, I did not get wind of this until today, which means we only have ONE DAY (today) to get our nominations submitted.

Please click on this link and nominate American Creation for BEST GROUP BLOG by commenting on their comments section below. Your nomination MUST contain the name of the blog and its URL.

In addition, Cliopatria is also accepting nominations for Best Individual Blog (I'm nominating Boston, 1775...He's WAY overdue for this award), Best New Blog, Best Post, Best Series of Posts and Best Writer.

We need your help, everyone! Please flood their comments section for us. Oh, and remember that TODAY is the LAST DAY!


Tom Van Dyke said...

This is the best blog on the internet, but only if people read the comments sections too. That's what makes us special. We got your atheists, we got your Mormons, your evangelicals, your agnostics, your Catholics. And every sort of seeker in between, all talking to each other with understanding and grace and love of truth and wisdom and shit.

We got my vote, and God bless us every one, even us atheists. I've been all over the internet, and nowhere else have I seen the principles and promise of the American Founding so put into practice. I'm more proud of that than any award we could win.

Which we ain't gonna win anyway, let's face it. ;-}

Brad Hart said...

Yeah, you're probably right...we may get skunked again...but you never know...there's only like 5 blogs nominated.