Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blomquist and Sheppard on Tillman and Stone

If you remember a little while ago, I reproduced a very thoughtful law review article that criticized Geoff Stone's article arguing against the concept of a "Christian Nation." Interestingly, Tillman is neither a Christian, nor did his article argue for a "Christian Nation." Rather his article examined some of Stone's overstatements and conclusions that arguably didn't follow from the facts presented.

Now, Professor Robert F. Blomquist wrote "Response to Geoffrey Stone & Seth Tillman, Beyond Historical Blushing: A Plea for Constitutional Intelligence," 2009 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo 244. You can find that here and here.

Professor Steve Sheppard wrote "Response to Geoffrey Stone & Seth Tillman, What Oaths Meant to the Framers' Generation: A Preliminary Sketch," 2009 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo 273 and that is available here.

Professor Bruce G. Peabody wrote "Response to Seth Barrett Tillman," 2009 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo ___ (forthcoming) which is available here.

And finally, Seth Barrett Tillman wrote "A Reply to my Well-Meaning Critics, 2009 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo ___ (not yet drafted) available here.

I am remiss to say that I haven't yet read the new articles (because of time constraints). When I do I will be sure to blog about them in substantive detail.

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Tom Van Dyke said...

"A religiously active but tolerant national culture" is Blomquist's preference over "Christian nation." I have no problem with that.