Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gregg Frazer: A Good Guy

In the comments section on my last post about Hitler, Dr. Frazer expressed some worry that he was coming off as the villain in the back and forth between us. I assure him that he is not a villain. He is a well known figure in these debates that takes the time to express himself to the small and large audience alike. That is refreshing in a time when it seems that many of the well known Christians in this country only seem to want to flock to the biggest audience and perhaps the biggest paycheck. Gregg Frazer is passionate about what he believes and willing to defend it at length to anyone who wants to engage him in discussion. I sincerely respect that.

I know I am have been hard on him but some of that was a ploy to keep him coming back to this site because he adds so much when he does. I have learned a lot from our debate and have adjusted some of my views accordingly. We will probably never agree on Romans 13 and predestination but I am a better person for having been privy to such an educated and passionate man. He has been asked numerous times to be a contributor to this blog and has declined. I hope he reconsiders but respect the fact that he is a busy man. I am sure the debate will go on but I wanted to say this for all to see.

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