Meet Our Contributors

Brad Hart
Hart holds a B.A. in History from Mesa State College, a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Utah Valley University, and an M.A in History from the University of Colorado. He is primarily interested in the history of religion in early American society and Medieval Europe. Hart is a member of the American Historical Association and Phi Alpha Theta. He is also a former Deputy Sheriff with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northern Chile from 1997-1999. Hart also writes at his personal blog, which can be found here.

Jonathan Rowe
Jonathan Rowe is a 35 year old attorney and college professor. He holds JD, MBA, and LL.M. graduate degrees from Temple University, in Philadelphia, PA. He is an Assistant Professor of Business in the Business and Technology Division at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, NJ. He lives in Yardley, PA.

Raymond Soller
Ray Soller is a retired Geographic Information Systems analyst, who keeps delving into the question, "Did George Washington say 'So help me God' at his First Inauguration?" He's old enough to have been in high school when "under God" was plugged into the Pledge of Allegiance, submit to the renovation of our National Motto, and to see the emergence of an Orwellian legend proporting that George Washington started an inaugural tradition by adding a sacred codicil to his presidential oath.

Brian Tubbs
Brian Tubbs is a Washington, DC area minister, writer, and speaker. A lifelong history buff with expertise in both American and religious history, Brian is the founder and editor of the American Revolution and Founding Era blog and the feature writer for Protestantism at Suite

A former non-profit executive and educator, Brian now serves in the ministry. He is currently the pastor of Olney Baptist Church in Montgomery County, Maryland. You can read more about Brian's ministry at Brian holds a B.A. in Government and Politics from George Mason University and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in apologetics through a distance learning program with Biola University.

Brian and his wife, Jane, have two children and make their home in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Tom Van Dyke
Tom Van Dyke is a businessman and musician who is the longest-running champion of The Joker's Wild and also won Ben Stein's Money. Tom knows stuff, although not everything. TVD is an occasional contributor to The American Spectator Online and He continues to write on matters of Great Importance from his mini-estate high on a hill above Los Angeles.