Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pray for Rain

This past week, Focus on the Family posted a video encouraging its followers to pray for rain during Barack Obama's DNC acceptance speech, scheduled for August 28. So why am I posting this on a website that is dedicated to religion during America's founding? Well, two reasons: First this is a topic that is sure to inspire debate. Second, I remember reading somewhere (and for the life of me I cannot find the source) that Alexander Hamilton suggested the exact same thing, except he wanted it to rain during Jefferson's inauguration.

Have any of you heard the same thing? If so, do you have the source I am desperately seeking? In the meantime, I hope you will all enjoy the "Christ-like" video made by Focus on the Family:


Dan said...

Sorry Lindsey but I have not heard of that source.

As for the video, I think you all should know that Focus on the Family removed it (probably because too many "Christian un-nationalists" were whining about it). I for one will be making that prayer all the way up until August 28. There is nothing un-Christian in doing so. Barack Obama is a pro-life, pro-homosexuality, pro-socialism politician that has about as much experience in governing as I do.

Let the rain come, oh Lord!

Tom Van Dyke said...

Although the thought of Obama's self-coronation getting rained out makes me giggle, these folks should have thought of what happens when it doesn't rain.

Won't that mean God really wants Obama to be president?


bpabbott said...

Personally, I find the idea that a God would dole out political favors insulting to the concept of "God"

Brad Hart said...

I second Abbott's sentiments

Tom Van Dyke said...

Oh, I wouldn't go so far as to put it down on the level of God cheering on the Jets over the Giants, gentlemen.

After trailing at halftime, the underdog Yankee Doodles' victory over the Redcoats was pretty universally attributed to divine providence back in the day, after all.

But I will say this---I didn't like Barack Obama's Kingdom on earth stuff, and Mike Huckabee lost any chance at my vote when he started God's Army crap.

I prefer political invocations of divine providence to be after the fact, not before, as in, thank God Al Gore wasn't president on 9/11.

Hehe. ;-[D>

Brad Hart said...

Oh, and BTW, I have never heard of Hamilton's "praying for rain" during the Jefferson inauguration, but I would not be surprised if it was true.

And Tom, we all know that God roots for the Broncos!!!

Tom Van Dyke said...

John Elway was once The Anointed One, but his mantle passed to Brett Favre.

But we might agree that Tom Brady is the anti-Christ. He dismantled my Eagles in Super Bowl XXLBQIII, and continues to work his mischief here on earth.

bpabbott said...

Tom: "I prefer political invocations of divine providence to be after the fact, not before, as in, thank God Al Gore wasn't president on 9/11."

I realize you comment is in jest, and I'm not trying to be offensive, but your words very likely reflect actual opinions of some ;-)

... and others may think they reflect yours :-(

Personally, I don't think God had anything to do with it ... I'm still stunned that such a event could be pulled off and expect that many in some corners of the earth think of such in terms of a miracle or as providence. However, that some harbor such thoughts does not make it so.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Ben, the ways of Providence [capital "P", mind you] are inscrutable. They only become somewhat scrutable ex post facto.

Very funny link, BTW. What, do you think I like being an apologist for wackos? It's a tolerance and pluralism thing, I assure you. I wish they'd all go away, or at least go read some Locke, and learn the lingua franca of modern Western society.

If Locke could manage it some 300 years ago, surely it can be done.

bpabbott said...

Tom: "What, do you think I like being an apologist for wackos?"

Certainly not.

However, with a little effort we could find a individual or two who take the sentiment of your jest quite seriously :-(

Far too many appear to have an immeasurable capacity to elevate ideology over reason :-(

Anonymous said...

dan - (probably because too many "Christian un-nationalists" were whining about it)

Why look for the facts when Dan’s internal Truth™ generator can provide a bogus answer.

Minnery [Focus Action vice president of public policy] said the video was taken down because several Focus members complained that prayer shouldn't be used to bring harm on someone else.