Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christian Orthodoxy (!?)


Via the latest print edition of First Things, the World Christian Encyclopedia reports that as of 2001, there were 33,820 Christian denominations, up from 20,780 in 1982.

Each holds the whole truth about Christianity, of course; all the rest are wrong.


Dan said...

...but what is your point???

Tom Van Dyke said...

It was something I've been meaning to post anyway, Dan, and I thought I'd take the heat off your post below.

We're chill around here, and the the fact that scholars disagree about Locke in so many directions indicates that there is no "truth" to be insisted upon, only hypotheses offered, not just to each other but to the readership that participates in the comments.

A poke through the blog's archives will give a better indication of the general tone of discourse hereabouts. We're [mostly] all persons of good conscience and respect the other's right to disagree.