Saturday, August 23, 2008

An "Autobiography" of George Washington

I am proud to announce here at American Creation that this posting will arguably be the most bizarre in the history of our blog. To be honest, when I first reviewed this particular book I was expecting something different. But after perusing a few of its pages I am now left completely at a loss for words.

The "Autobiography" of George Washington, which was published in 2006, was allegedly written by Edith Ellis, a semi-famous playwright and spiritualist, who claimed she was receiving periodic visitations from George Washington throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Ellis stated that she had been chosen to be the official scribe for the dead angel/general/president because of her “objectivity.” During their various "visits," Ellis stated that Washington would regularly comment on his displeasure for the current state of American society. As a result, the General decided to publish his autobiography to help inspire the wayward American populace. Plans backfired, however, when Ellis passed away in 1960. About 20 years later, another spiritualist named Caroline Myss published the book.

Needless to say, the book is filled with obvious historical errors and a number of bizarre claims. Perhaps General Washington went senile in the afterlife and forgot obvious specifics, or perhaps Ellis was prone to delusions of grandeur -- i.e. was a blatant liar. Whatever the case, the book is absolutely laughable.

One of the most ridiculous assertions made in the "autobiography" has to do with Washington's religion. Ellis stated that Washington's reserved nature had caused some to misunderstand his "true" religious beliefs. One of the "autobiography's" main goals was to set the record strait regarding the General’s religion. Here are a few of the words of Washington's "heavenly spirit" regarding his religious beliefs:

My blessed mother was the one to whom I went to say my prayers each night, while my brothers gathered with my father each morning. It may seem strange to you moderns that we had no food until we had gathered in a room and read a chapter from the Scriptures and knelt in prayer, asking for help to make the coming day a profitable one in mind, body, and soul.
And then during the war and his presidency, Washington's religion took the following form:

The calamities of war had taken their toll on the entire army. It was only because of the tender blessing of Christ, Jesus that we were not torn asunder. God's glorious providence and endless mercy kept the army through the worst of nights. As for myself, the only solace I could keep was Christ in my heart. His angels drew round about and kept me up when things were at their worst...

Martha was never fond of my service in the presidency...Her concerns were eventually set at ease when she came to the knowledge of God's divine plan...Having sworn an oath upon the Holy Book of our Lord, I set out to restore our nation's Christian heritage. It was ever present in my mind that the peace and prosperity of America was eternally indebted to the merciful master of heaven
So if you are even in need of a good laugh, pick of a copy of An "Autobiography" of George Washington. I promise that it will bring a smile to your face even on your worst days!


bpabbott said...

A post mixing elements of the paranormal, religion, and the founding .... who'd of thought!

Brian Tubbs said...

Good post, Brad. Stuff like this always makes me either laugh or cringe.