Friday, June 27, 2008

Peter Lillback on Washington's Religion

Here is an interesting video I found on youtube. It includes Christian apologist Peter Lillback. Interesting video. Lillback even mentions how Washington took communion (an issue that I am sure Brad and Jon will love). Lillback also discusses (right at the beginning) what Deism is. An issue that one of our faithful commentators, Pinky, has hit on. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Well...if this isn't a bias video than I don't know what is. Clearly this whole "At Home With Chuck and Jenni" is nothing more than another "700 Club." It comes as no surprise that they would believe what Lillback puts in his book.

Brian Tubbs said...

I was tempted to post this as well, but for the reasons that "Anonymous" cited, I didn't. :-)

The hosts were a wee-bit annoying, and the show was too 700 Club-ish.

BUT...if one ignores all that and JUST focuses on Lillback and what he has to say - then it's worth watching.

Lindsey Shuman said...

To be honest, I actually like the video. Any time an author can explain his/her views (even if I don't agree 100%) I am more than willing to listen.