Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Turley, Palin, GW & SHMG

One of Ray Soller's post from American Creation was referenced by Jonathan Turley here. And Chris Rodda too!


Tom Van Dyke said...

Turley is lame, making a molehill out of an anthill. Typical partisanship, as if one disputed factoid in Palin's book makes any difference whatsoever.

Not that The Right is above such douchebaggery

mind you.

But IMO, there is a substantive difference between the POTUS addressing the nation and the world and what an unsuccessful VP candidate says in his or her book.

Michael Heath said...

I bookmark ever single lie Ms. Palin tells that I come across. I have a folder of hundreds of links. In an industry that defines itself by its members' dishonesty, Palin distinguishes herself by standing way beyond any other politician I've ever encountered. No one else I've encountered is even close.

In fact I have yet to encounter even one extended segment (over a couple of minutes) where Ms. Palin didn't tell at least a handful of lies. So while we cringe when we notice our favorite politicos occasionally lying, my observation is that she does lies every single time she talks for an extended period.