Saturday, December 18, 2010

Heads Up

I'll be guest blogging at Ed Brayton's Dispatches From the Culture Wars from Dec. 19-27. My grades (for 21 credits) are due Tuesday morning, so I'm not sure how much blogging I will do till then.


Tom Van Dyke said...

Well, play it safe this time, Jon. Nothing intelligent or nuanced, just stick to the formula: Three Minutes Hate. Pick your Emmanuel Goldstein from World News Daily or stick with Palin or Michele Bachmann---somebody dumber than you are---and mock away to prove your superiority.

Oh, and criticize President Obama to look "even-handed," but only from the left, mind you. I recommend parrotting Glenn Greenwald. Guantanamo is always a surefire winner.

Good luck and try to come back in one piece. Just stick to the script and you'll be fine.

King of Ireland said...

I have not read Ed's blog in a while but will be curious to see if they turn on Jon again.