Friday, December 31, 2010

Pastor Rutherford Responds

Yesterday I posted a review of a video done by Pastor Dudley Rutherford of Shepherd of the Hills Church in California. In the article, I pointed out some of the historical errors that existed in his presentation. This morning, I received an email reply from Pastor Rutherford, in which he explained what had happened with the video and the fact that he never meant to mislead anyone. Included in his email was a letter of correction that he has sent out to those who have questioned his video's claims. I thought it only fair to reproduce some of it here for our readers:
Please allow me to address some of your concerns and know this is from my heart.

We made a video. We will call in video #1. Within just a few days, we were told that some of our facts were wrong, starting with the name of the fort. We ourselves were upset that we had our facts wrong. When we shot video #1 we thought our facts were correct. We had no intention of misleading anyone. We simply had our facts wrong.

So we IMMEDIATELY filmed video #2. Video #2 was exactly like video #1 EXCEPT we corrected the name of the fort and a few other facts. We thought we nailed video #2.

Here's what happened. We SHOWED video #2 (the corrected video), yet someone, we don't know who, POSTED video #1 on the web and the thing went viral on us. We have tried to calm the viral, but once something goes on the web you can't control it.


We are sincerely sorry for ever creating video #1 and NOT having all of our facts correct. It was NOT intentional and we have ZERO desire to mislead people. In fact, we want just the opposite. We want to reveal the true history with the true facts. That's why we created video #2 with the correct facts. But by the time it was completed, it was too late, for video #1 went viral on us. Please accept our sincere apology and know we are trying to correct the situation as best we can
In addition, Pastor Rutherford informed me that a 3rd video, with the correct history, will be out shortly. I have promised Pastor Rutherford that this video will be welcomed here at American Creation when it is finished.

I for one wish to commend Pastor Rutherford on his desire to get the history right and I believe he is being 100% honest in his endeavors. I only wish that others would do the same. Oh, and for the record, I too need to correct a mistake. In the post below I stated that Pastor Rutherford was going to be a guest on Glenn Beck's show. This isn't true. A friend of mine (a former contributor to this blog) who sent me Pastor Rutherford's video informed me that he would be on Beck's show. Apparently she (and I) was wrong. Rutherford has never been contacted to appear with Beck. This was my mistake and I own it.

I have extended an invitation to Pastor Rutherford to post anything he'd like here at American Creation, and we would be more than happy to have him if he chooses.


Lindsey Shuman said...

I am pretty sure that DUMBdley Rutherford is going to be on Beck's show. If not, he should be. They are birds of a feather.

Brad Hart said...

Well, he told me himself so you can take it up with him, but my guess is Mr. Rutherford knows his schedule better than we.

Lindsey Shuman said...

I like how DUMBdley's apology included everything but the fact that he did little or no research for his video. He got caught for producing terrible history and is backtracking now. I wouldn't be surprised if he read a David Barton book or something and thought to himself, "hey, I could be like him." Well, is is like him. Like Barton DUMBdley has produced bad history. He wanted to produce a patriotic, God-loving video and ended up creating a farce.

And I do remember something about him and Glenn Beck. I'll look it up.

P.S. I hate the blog's new look. Go back to the classy look.

Tom Van Dyke said...
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Tom Van Dyke said...

I had a lot of substance to add to the matter of Rev. Rutherford, but I refuse to participate anywhere the environment is adversarial, scornful, if not downright hateful. We---all of us, contributors and commenters alike---have worked too hard to make this blog a safe haven for honest, sincere and principled discussion.

The chance to engage Pastor Rutherford here at AC is probably now lost. He gets enough hate and ugliness from other quarters, I imagine.

There are plenty of other blogs that gratify hate and ugliness. May I suggest this one. Knock yourself out.

Me, I like the new look. Well done. Maybe some deep dark American-flag blue at the top where the beige-y things are.

Should you choose to wipe these first 4 comments and start over, Brad, I'll be happy to restart the discussion on Rev. Rutherford, on substance about religion and the Founding.

If you'd prefer to let them stand as a monument as to how worthless this blog would be under our erstwhile management and hate and culture war, I'm good with that too.

Happy New Year to our little community at the American Creation blog---contributors AND commenters, everybody. We've created something very special together here, all of us, through good will and a lot of hard work.

Sort of how they designed the American Founding. The whole thing only works if everybody can behave theirself.

HNY, American Creation!

Brad Hart said...

I completely agree, Tom, but I think I'll let Lindsey's comments stand so that everyone can see the ilk for themselves. It's a shame because I think Mr. Rutherford really is sincere in his quest for historical integrity. Yeah, he messed up and has been called on it, but hey, it happens to us all. As you can all tell from my post, I made it clear that my goal was to correct the history, not libel Mr. Rutherford as a liar or something along those lines.

As for the blue, I'm not sure I know what you are referring to, Tom. Do you mean the pinkish bar at the very top? I'd like to add some additional blue. I do think that is a good idea.

As for staring up a real discussion here, let's do it. Who cares what others are going to say. And Lindsey, how about being cool or sitting this one out. Sound like a plan?

Jason Pappas said...

I, too, welcome Pastor Rutherford. It's tough learning from your mistakes especially when they are made in public but he's man enough to fess up in a timely manner. I applaud him.

Lindsey Shuman said...

You guys can sing RutherFRAUD's praises all you want but when will you admit the FACT that his "research" for this video was probably non-existent? (and yes, Brad, I am "being cool").

Lindsey Shuman said...

And though I don't like the blog's new look (too much "Go America" for me) I'll learn to accept it. I do think you guys have done a good job with the blog since I left. In 2011 I plan on being a lot more active, but I prefer my role as a commentator to that of a contributor.

Russ said...

I'm with Tom; if the level of discussion is so childish that it makes little jokes about someone's name, I have no interest. My rss list is too full as it is.

I went to Dudley's church a while ago, before leaving the state to earn a PhD in history. I'm sure he and I would disagree on several things but I have no doubts about his integrity.