Friday, January 23, 2009

Inspiration Abounds At American Creation

Just when I was beginning to think that we were more full of hot air than honest historical discourse, John Fea of The Way of Improvement Leads Home blog rushed in to save the day! It is he who has bestowed upon us all the distinguished and illustrious 2009 Inspiration Award, which is reserved exclusively for "inspiring" blogs like this one (those in the peanut gallery can quit laughing now).

As part of this award, it now becomes our responsibility to recognize 5-7 other "inspirational" blogs, which also deserve this, the grandest of awards! I hope that my fellow blog will not be offended at these selections. Normally we try to be democratic around here, but right now I just don't have the time. And the winners are:

1.) Religion in American History: This blog won for Best New History Blog in 2007 by History News Network -- the same bastards that stiffed us this year -- =). The blog is dedicated to all things related to the history of religion in American history, and is directed by none other than the legendary Paul Harvey!!!

2.) Ponderings on a Faith Journey: This blog is the work of Pastor/Dr. Robert Cornwall, who is Pastor of the Woodward Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Troy, Michigan. Pastor Cornwall's blog is an ELEGANT mixture of history, religion, politics and personal reflection, all of which provides the reader with a delicious cornucopia of intellectual sophistication!

3.) Vast Public Indifference: Even though this blog is the work of a TRAITOR to American Creation, Caitlin Hopkins, a graduate student of history at Harvard, has assembled a vivacious assortment of historical brilliance that focuses on early American history, with a particular affinity for graves!

4.) The Historic Present: As the personal blog of our Puritan liaison here at American Creation, Dr. Lori Stokes adopts an all-or-nothing, in your face approach to 17th century American history. It's the power and intimidation of Chuck Norris and Rambo, meets the wisdom and finesse of Yoda and Gandhi!

5.) American Revolution and Founding Era: Brian Tubbs, who often plays the role of The Lone Ranger here at American Creation for his stalwart defense of the more conservative persuasion, is a pit bull to say the least. Though he is a man of the cloth, don't be deceived or underestimate the man, for Mr. Tubbs is a man who knows his history -- and he'll kick your ass to prove it!

6.) Positive Liberty: Yes, they may be a bunch of Libertarians, but the folks over at Positive Liberty have amassed an impressive following to say the least. This is an all star cast of some top dogs whose bark is every bit as powerful as their bite! Their "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality makes them a hallmark blog here on the World Wide Web.


Tom Van Dyke said...

American Creation: Was America founded as a Christian nation? American Creation has become a one-stop shop for the study of religion and the revolutionary era.

Nice. "Study" is a good word. Beats "opinion."

Yay, us!

Robert Cornwall said...


I'm honored to be named to this illustrious list. Thank you!

Lori Stokes said...

Thanks for your kind words, Brad! And I can second the nomination for Vast Public Indifference--personal *and* rigorous, and always engrossing. But what about American Revolution, Brad's own in-depth, philosophical, and information blog on America in the Revolutionary period? Make that 7 blogs to recommend!