Saturday, July 12, 2014

John Fea Stands Up Against Latest David Barton Sliming

To his great and good credit, friend-of-the-blog Dr. John Fea of Messiah College [and author of Was America Founded As a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction BUY! BUY!] sets the left-wing jackal pack straight on their favorite whipping boy's latest careen into the PC ditch:

What David Barton Really Said About Women and Voting

Everyone seems to be ripping on David Barton today. They are claiming that he said that women's suffrage is somehow bad for the country.  Here are some of the headlines:
"David Barton: Allowing women to vote "hurts the entire culture and society."
"Barton: Denying Women's Suffrage Protects the Family"
"David Barton: Women Weren't Allowed to Vote in Order to Preserve the Family."


Most people who read this blog know that I have been very critical of Barton.  In fact, I could probably write something critical about David Barton every day on this blog and see my readership double.
Barton, of course, represents the Christian Right, but as this most recent incident shows, the Left is not immune from this kind of cherry picking and manipulation of evidence to promote their own political agenda.

Perhaps all of those historians (yes, some legitimate historians have jumped on the bandwagon) and pundits should listen to the entire Wallbuilders Live episode before hitting social media to skewer Barton for saying that women's suffrage was a bad thing.  If you listen to the entire context of this discussion of women's suffrage, you will notice several things:

1.  Nowhere in this episode does Barton say the 19th amendment was a bad thing or that women voting is a bad thing.  Listen for yourself.  Some might say he is implying this.  If someone wants to make this argument, it is a stretch.

2.  The clip I posted above has been edited.  The part of the discussion in which Barton and Green seem to suggest that women's suffrage is a positive development in American life has been cut out.

Etc.  Like the man says, read the whole thing.  Kudos, John.  Every man deserves a fair trial.  Then we can hang him.

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