Sunday, August 12, 2012

Journalism of the Revolution

Not to distract anyone from the concerns and employments of their lives, but this website could occupy an American Creation reader for some time. Rag Linen is:

...named for the heavy-duty paper on which pre-19th century news was printed, is an online museum of rare and historic newspapers, which serve as the first drafts of history and the critical primary source material for historians, authors and educators. Curator and publisher Todd Andrlik has built one of the most significant and comprehensive private collections of Revolutionary War era newspapers. Glimpses of the newspapers can be found on, but the full archive of American Revolution newspaper coverage will be made public for the first time in the forthcoming book, Reporting the Revolutionary War: Before It Was History, It Was News (Sourcebooks, November 2012).

The site also enjoys an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

(It reminds me to finally finish a post on the importance of the printer's trade to the functions of church and state at the time of the Founding, which I hope to wrap up soon.)


Magpie Mason said...

Type the word "inauguration" into its search engine, and you'll find an image of a tiny newspaper clipping describing Washington's first presidential inauguration. No quotation of "So help me God," but those of us who believe will not be confounded.


Phil Johnson said...

Sounds like you're onto a good work. Best wishes for success.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Mega-thx for this one, Brother Magpie!

Joe Winpisinger said...

Thanks for sharing this..