Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jefferson and the Bible: A Response to David Barton on the Glenn Beck Show, Part Four

By Warren Throckmorton here.  (This is an especially good one.)

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Tom Van Dyke said...

It's pretty nit-picky, esp since Jefferson also contributed to the Virginia Bible Society, whose purpose was to give Bibles to the poor.


The gist of what Barton was getting at is true even if he overdid the meaning of "subscribe" in terms of the Thompson Bible. but you don't hear the whole story in the rebuttals, just the part where Barton punts a factoid.

"I had not supposed there was a family in this state not possessing a bible and without having the means to procure one. when, in earlier life I was intimate with every class, I think I never was in a house where that was the case. however, circumstances may have changed, and the society I presume have evidence of the fact. I therefore inclose you chearfully an order on Messrs Gibson and Jefferson for 50.D. for the purposes of the society, sincerely agreeing with you that there never was a more pure & sublime system of morality delivered to man than is to be found in the four evangelists."

$50 was a lot of dough back then!