Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Comments Problem

Dear Sirs or Madams, To Whom This May Concern:

There have been lively discussions in several of our comments sections that have been sadly interrupted---many pithy comments suddenly disappeared.

Turns out Blogger, our blog server, seems to have lost the comments from the past few days, but hopes to restore them soon, and we hope the discussions will pick up where they left off.

[HT to faithful friend-of-the-blog Ben Abbott.]

In the meantime, feel free to use this as an open comments thread. David Barton, boo, hiss. Down with theocracy and liars for Jesus. George Washington didn't say "SHMG." [Most probably did not, absent better evidence.] John Adams disbelieved in the Trinity. [Definitely.] Theistic Rationalism. All dogs go to heaven. Calvinist resistance theory. John Locke, Imago Dei. Roger Williams, libertarian. St. Thomas Aquinas, inventor of truth, justice and the American Way. Mormons, just because, and why not!!!?

Here's hoping we get back to normal soon, or what passes for normal around here.

Love to all,


Angie Van De Merwe said...


bpabbott said...

Google's Blogger Status Page.

Jonathan Rowe said...

Great pithy capture about what we are all about.

What more could we be about?

bpabbott said...

Agreed. Anyway that can be captured into an "About ths Blog" description and linked to under the banner?

Phil Johnson said...

.So, "normal around here" has been identified?