Monday, August 17, 2009

Personal Note

Though I had previously never met the man, fellow AC contributor TVD and I are from sister townships in Bucks County, PA. I still live there; he doesn't. But when he recently visited we went out for drinks (emphasis on the plural) at a cool Levittown, PA bar.

We had lots of fun (and probably would have had lots more fun were it not for the fact that I had to drive home).

All I can say about the man is that hanging out with him, on the surface, he doesn't come across as the Burkean conservative that he is (he actually comes across as the guy in that picture with the oversized sunglasses)...that is, until he opens his mouth and starts philosophizing. Then what you read is what you get.

Sorry no pictures. That's something we forgot. Maybe next time.

And from my (and probably his) end, the out for drinks invitation is there for any AC contributors who come to Bucks County (TVD lives in LA most of the year). We have a number of Mormon contributors at AC and we will INSIST (or at least strongly encourage) you to break that tenet of your creed if you run into us.


Brad Hart said...

That's awesome! Given the chance, I'd like to meet and hang out with quite a few people I've met here at American Creation. If and when I win the lottery I promise to get a group of us together...preferably in Boston or some other early American site.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Thx for the kind words, Jon, and it's mutual. And yes, the invite is open to all and sundry here in LA as well, including my nemeses and foils, natch.

As for the alcofluence of incohol, did God create Mormonism because of the dearth of designated drivers? That would be cool.

Jonathan Rowe said...

Brad & Tom:


We know either Brad or Ray will be our designated drivers should we ever meet up in Boston or the like.

Brad Hart said...

Oh yeah...I'd love to be the D. Driver...not only for the Mormon reasons but also for the cop reasons.

Though I can put away quite a few Red Bulls!!!