Monday, August 3, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg: Upcoming Seminars

Hello all. Brad Hart here (yes, I am not dead yet). Sorry for my extended absence from the blog. I've been a bit busy, but look forward to being more involved in the blog now that things have settled down and I have a more predictable schedule. Anyway, I thought that the best way for me to get plugged back into blogging would be to post some information that was sent to me by one of our faithful and devoted readers. Samantha Lacher (her blog can be seen by clicking here) sent this info to me via Facebook (where she follows American Creation). For those of you who live out east you will surely find this info interesting. Hopefully someone from our blog will be able to attend and report. So, without further delay (my apologies, Samantha for the delay in posting this) I give you Ms. Lacher's interesting reminder of the upcoming Colonial Williamsburg symposium:


On September 20-22, Colonial Williamsburg is hosting a symposium entitled “A Very Large Curious & Compleat Assortment’: Textiles for Interiors, 1730-1830. Annabel Westman of Historic Furnishing Textiles of London, England, will give the keynote address.

Other presentations include:

-Agreeable to your liking: Dressing up the House in Early America by scholar and author Elisabeth Garrett Widmer

-Modern ideas of comfort: Textile floor-coverings in England, 1730-1830, by independent scholar Anthony Wells Cole

-Gathering the threads: Unravelling interiors and textile sources, by Lynne Dakin Hastings, vp of museum operations at The Montpelier Foundation

Textile for Interiors 2009 Symposium registration is open to the general public. Special hotel rates are available at the Colonial Williamsburg Resort Collection for symposium registrants, and Colonial Williamsburg offers a variety of dining options throughout the Historic Area and resort collection

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