Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rowe and Hart on George Washington

Thanks to Brad Hart for creating a Youtube site for this blog. Hopefully some other brave souls will venture into the world of podcasting(I know I won't be joining them but hopefully some of you will).

As most of you already know, Jon Rowe and Brad Hart share many of the same views on the issue of the founding fathers and religion. Well, I just discovered that they BOTH have done Youtube videos on this topic, so I think they deserve the attention (and embarrassment) of having those videos referenced here.


Jonathan Rowe said...

Ha. I remember making that not too long ago. A few years.

Brad Hart said...

Ugh! Maybe I won't do videos...not if my face ends up on the blog itself!

Brian Tubbs said...

Videos are tough to do. I've experimented with them, but you have to get the lighting right, especially if it's close up.

A couple days ago, I recorded a video to post on American Creation. I used a green screen. It was cool!!!! But, alas...

The lighting was off. The outcome was not too good. I need to improve the lighting and try again.

But, it was cool. I had an "Old Glory" background and everything. :-)