Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dr. George Grant on "The Presbyterian Parson's Rebellion"

Dr. George Grant of the Franklin Classical School and the director of the King's Meadow Study Center has this to say about the role of religion in the American Revolution. It's a very interesting video that I think you will all enjoy...even you Tom! =)


Jonathan Rowe said...

The Reconstructionists are getting a lot of play on American Creation. It should be noted that Grant is part of RJ Rushdoony's cabal. And Gary North is trying to make his case chiefly to figures like this who accept his post-millennial Reconstructionist premises. Still it's important to understand Presbyterianism/Calvinism and how it impacted the American Founding.

I'm currently working on something right along these lines.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Not bad, Brad. I was going to make one of his points earlier, that it was the Jeffersons and John Adamses, keeping their theologies secret, who were functioning in a Christian milieu, not that Christians were adapting to them.

As for the Reconstructionists, if their point is that America must be made more overtly religious than it was at the Founding, nuh-uh, that ain't gonna happen in this post-Enlightenment, postmodern age.

Their best bet would be to sail off to another land and start over from scratch.

Oh, wait---the Puritans did that, it didn't work, and within 150 years there weren't even any Puritans anymore.