Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cliopatria Awards: 2008

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2008 Cliopatria Blog Awards!!! At the conclusion of every year, the History News Network judges and recognizes the best history blogs (in a variety of topics) on the "blogosphere." The topics include:

1.) Best Group Blog
2.) Best Individual Blog
3.) Best New Blog
4.) Best Post
5.) Best Writer

Here are the rules for nomination:

Bloggers, blogs and posts may be nominated in multiple categories. Individuals may nominate any number of specific blogs, bloggers or posts, even in a single category, as long as the nominations include all the necessary information (names, titles, URLs, etc).

Nominations will be open through November; judges will make the final determinations in December. The winners will be announced at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting in early January 2009; winners will be listed on HNN and earn the right to display the Cliopatria Awards Logo on their blog.
As you might expect, the American Creation Blog would LOVE to have your support for Best Group Blog and Best New Blog. If you feel inclined, please leave a comment at Cliopatria's home page and nominate our blog!

Thanks for the support!

1 comment:

Tom Van Dyke said...

No, Phil, please don't.

I know you're already writing up a nomination for me as Best Writer and for Best Post [probably this one], but even though I sign my real name to things I write, I prefer to keep a low profile on the internet. Bad for business.

In fact, I'd appreciate it if you wrote a note of protest here, that I'd be among the last persons in the blogosphere you'd ever nominate. But even if you don't, it'll still all be our little secret. Thanks, man.


[BTW---Is that frumpy-looking gal in the sculpture the same Cliopatra who helped bring down Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, and the entire Roman republic and turn the whole deal into an empire? Nice job. Even Hillary couldn't pull that one off.]