Monday, July 19, 2021

George Washington to Edward Newenham, October 20, 1792


Of all the animosities which have existed among mankind, those which are caused by a difference of sentiments in religion appear to be the most inveterate and distressing, and ought most to be deprecated. I was in hopes, that the enlightened and liberal policy, which has marked the present age, would at least have reconciled Christians of every denomination so far, that we should never again see their religious disputes carried to such a pitch as to endanger the peace of Society.

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Our Founding Truth said...

More evidence GW didn't understand Christianity. Most of Paul's epistles are against Christian heresy, to be punished. Had GW studied the bible he would have known that. Once you allow everything to be Christian, you have secularism.

Had the ffs understood how to properly establish a Christian nation like TJ, and the rest claimed we were, they could have punished heresy at the start and all the evil that comes with it. But then again, biblical prophecy says there will be no Christian nation at the end. Every nation will turn against Israel, including this one.