Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Fea: "Jack Hibbs dabbles in American history and it is a disaster. We need another Dudley Rutherford moment!"

From Professor John Fea. It's about celebrity pastor Jack Hibbs "dabbling" in American history. Check it out here. A taste:

13:11 to 13:26: Hibbs suggests three things about George Washington. First, Hibbs says that the First Great Awakening influenced George Washington’s religious life. Hibbs should actually tell his congregation that Washington’s theological beliefs, if he had any such beliefs beyond his vague references to “Providence,” would disqualify him for the Calvary Chapel-Chino Hills elder board. There is no evidence that the Great Awakening influenced Washington in any way. Second, Hibbs said that when Washington attended church he listened to abolitionist sermons. Not really. Anglican ministers in Virginia did not preach abolitionist sermons. Third, Hibbs says, abolitionist preachers somehow convinced Washington to free his slaves. Wrong again. More on this below. 

13:26 to 13:57: Based on this inaccurate view of Washington’s religious faith and how he supposedly applied it to the problem of slavery, Hibbs says that Washington did not free his slaves during his lifetime because he wanted to protect them. If he freed them, Hibbs says, they would have faced ‘certain death” by a slaveowner on a neighboring plantation. (Apparently this other slaveowner was not attending the same “abolitionist Anglican” congregation as the Washington family.) Hibbs also assumes (wrongly) that things got a lot safer for freed slaves after Washington died. In other words, Hibbs is claiming that Washington wanted to protect his slaves from certain death while he was alive, but after he died he didn’t care anymore. This is a mess. 1

3:57 to 14:32: Hibbs is on a roll. The more passionate he gets, the more he plays fast and lose with American history. ...


Tom Van Dyke said...

I see Mr. Fea is still obsessed with the low-hanging fruit on the other side of his politics. :-(

Art Deco said...


A quizzical assessment of Dr. Fea's writings.

Art Deco said...

What's interesting about Fea's writings is that the distinctive feature is the professional subject matter. When he discusses contemporary public life, he says hardly one thing antagonistic to the kultursmog and offers not one critique of any person who might be considered in certain subcultures an unsuitable target. What gets you about academicians today is that they have very little individuality outside certain intellectual microclimates.

Tom Van Dyke said...

FTR: In my view, when playing his partisan politics and bigtiming amateurs, it's "Mr." Fea. Should he choose to try his luck with the big boys like Dreisbach, Hall and Hamburger, he can be "Dr."

And although I found his theology battle with Dr. Hart was a bit like the Iran-Iraq war, I thought Hart got the better of it.

The kicker is that John admits he could support a president quoting Muslim sources to uphold American ideas:

I think much of what Obama celebrates in Pope Francis’s ideas is compatible with American values. If Obama quoted a Muslim thinker who spoke in a way compatible with American values I would say the same thing.

So is America the norm? Is it Christianity? Or is it John Fea’s moral compass?

John concludes by admitting:

"I am opposed to Trump for both Christian and non-Christian reasons and sometimes those reasons converge."

I appreciate the candor but I wonder why John doesn’t see that he here identifies with every other evangelical — from Barton to Jeffress — who merge their political and religions convictions to support a specific political candidate or to argue for their favorite era of U.S. history. Because John converges them in a superior way to Barton and Jeffress, is that what makes his views on politics more Christian, more scholarly, more American?

Andrew Noone said...

Enjoyed yet another perspective on the Great Awakening. The spiritual counselor in the aftermath of Revolutionary America’s most sensational crime had his own reckoning with the controversy of that era. Please check out Bathsheba Spooner: A Revolutionary Murder Conspiracy, named #1 new release, US Revolution, at Amazon.


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