Saturday, March 10, 2012

Throckmorton on Monumental:

Read it here.

Apparently Herb Titus is in the movie. Herb and I have a mutual friend in Jim Babka. I once debated/discussed this issue with Herb on radio with Jim Babka moderating. He seemed like a nice enough guy. I think Providence was on Herb's side that day because my mic wasn't always clearly coming through. I don't think the show is online any more. But from what I remember, Herb knew that Jim and I, whatever differences between us, were pretty live and let live on what we valued about America's Founding political theology and he stressed those points of agreement: Roger Williams, and then the evangelical Baptists like Isaac Backus and John Leland who supported Jefferson and Madison's religious liberty/separation of church and state/government non-cognizance of religion "Virginia" project, etc. I wonder whether that shows through in his appearance on "Monumental."

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Angie Van De Merwe said...

Thanks, Jon! As you've probably seen, I've posted some of these sites on my FB Wall.

Interesting stuff, that I need to go back to...wish I didn't have anything else to do....I've spent eons of time already trying to educate myself! (not that I mind, but I do need to "keep up appearances ;-)!)