Tuesday, March 20, 2012

David Barton on Glenn Beck's Mormon Christianity

Since I've blogged about this issue, I thought I'd let Barton testify for himself as to why Glenn Beck can be both a Christian and a Mormon at the same time.

Let me note I don't have a dog in this fight. On a personal matter an ecumenical universalistic theology appeals to me more than orthodox evangelical Christianity. Though the latter faith, as I often observe it, is quite narrow and exclusive in its truth claim.

And here is Beck, Barton and some other guy on the Christian Nation question.


Phil Johnson said...

The Glen Beck video doesn't work in case you're interested.

Jonathan Rowe said...

See if you can find the "hidden" play button in the upper left corner.

Phil Johnson said...

I had the "hand" yesterday; but, couldn't make it work. But, it worked for me today. Thanks.
I think we are seeing something very peculiar in the evolution of the the Religious Institution. First, there was Christianity which legitimatizes Judaism; but, moves to a different level, then the Islam which represent a branch off original monotheism and different from Judaism while adhering to much of the tradition. And, now, the we have the Mormon faith which appears to join all monotheisms together into one.
Are we too close to it to see it?

Anonymous said...

Who does David Barton and Glenn Beck fear the most? Roger Williams and John Leland. Why do they fear these men? Because they founded the Baptist Faith in American and were staunch proponents of the separation of church and state. Any time these to founding fathers are introduced to a discussion, the post is deleted and poster banned. Interesting