Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jehovah's Witness Cartoon

It's not as amusing as the Mormon Cartoon. But it looks like it was made from the same folks.

American Creation needs a Jehovah's Witness blogger (is anyone out there available?). I see JWs, like the Mormons and Swedenborgs, typifying the reductio ad absurdum of Protestant logic. Theologically freed from the Magesterium, and political free to read the Bible for themselves and voluntarily form their own churches and communities, you get a variety of Protestant biblical interpretations, not all of them that will accord with historic orthodox doctrine.

As I've noted before, the JWs do believe in an odd version of the Arian heresy, which was very popular among elite freethinking Enlightenment "Christian" crowd in American and England during the Founding era. This was especially so in John Adams' mid to late 18th Cen. New England.


Sean said...

This silly video does NOT represent Jehovah's Witnesses and was NOT made by them. Those who continue to post it do so with this full knowledge. Their only intention is to discredit honest Christians. In doing so, they ignore the Christian principle at Ephesians 4:25- "Wherefore, now that you have put away falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor,"
NOTE: This video WAS made by Jeremiah Films (they also make films to mock Evolutionists and other professed Christian groups), for a profit to themselves. By comparison, Jehovah's Witnesses distribute professional-quality media, free of charge in many languages(100's)around the world and is all produced by volunteers. What could be the motive for producing this silly cartoon then? Love of God? Love of neighbor? Or "the love of money"? For ACCURATE information about Jehovah’s Witnesses (John 17:3) see or

Jonathan Rowe said...


I understand the theological enemies of JWism might "distort" what the creed stands for just as the enemies of Mormonism, etc. do.

I didn't post the cartoon to endorse its contents but rather more for entertainment. That said, if you want to write a fuller response to the cartoon, I'll repost it to the front page to give you equal time.

JWism as I have noted, seems underrepresented in the blog-sphere.

Jonathan Rowe said...

Although I DO have to disagree with this, Sean:

What could be the motive for producing this silly cartoon then? Love of God? Love of neighbor? Or "the love of money"?

Given the paltry amount of $ that video probably generated for the evangelical creators of it, love of God and love of neighbor, as THEY understand those concepts, seem FAR more likely motivators.

They genuinely believe that JWism is a false cult, soul damning heretical system and they need to make videos like this to "expose" JWism. Now, they may be wrong; but that is, I believe what they genuinely believe.

I've watched many an hour of Walter Martin debate these issues. And though I don't follow Martin's theology and myself find him too much of a religious fanatic for my taste, I have NO reason to believe that he didn't genuinely believe in the Truth of what he was trying to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

As a 15 year Zealous Person for Jehovah (and elder) here is my story.