Saturday, November 13, 2010


In the spirit of Brad's update I have some breaking news.

If you don't know, I started blogging in 2004 at my personal blog which now serves to archive just about everything I write (yet because it's been around so long and is so currently updated, it gets a lot of hits on its own). I still leave a comment section open over there (I probably shouldn't because I get so much spam). But I direct comments/discussion to my two group blogs.

I had a fairly widely read libertarian themed group blog named Positive Liberty which was eaten up by the technology monster (and when that happened, I was glad I kept my archive at my personal blog). So we rebooted at The One Best Way. Well, like corporations sometimes do, that blog is now merging with The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. I noted this in my introductory post here.

This is a little bit of a change in that PL and TOBW were libertarian themed and not everyone at TLOOG are libertarians. It's more of a "public affairs" blog. As such I will tend to post more current things over there that relate to religion and the American Founding and hope to establish a synergistic relationship between that blog and this one. (Read: When I post some abstruse, footnote oriented stuff here; I may just excerpt and link to it at TLOOG; at PL and TOBW where I had more of a tradition of "turf" I would just post everything I wrote here over there. I'm going to be a little more circumspect at TLOOG; but they still will get a lot.)

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