Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rev. Jeremiah Leaming to Bishop William White II: You're not a Unitarian, Are You?

I won't reproduce the whole thing. Just the offending passage from Leaming's letter, June 9, 1789:

I am not able to see why there may not be a general union, although we did not agree in every little circumstance. I suppose you agree with, as in all Articles of Faith. Although you have cast out two of our creeds, I imagine you do not mean to deny the Divinity of our blessed Lord : for if we are ever justified, it must be by the merits of Christ, and no created being can do any thine by merit for another. All he can do is only to act up to the dignity of his nature; and God has a right to all this, because he gave all the ability.


Tom Van Dyke said...

If it helps, I think Leaming's referring to the 39 Articles, which Benjamin Rush later wrote to Priestley the American church had dispensed with a number of. Priestley replied he wished they'd have pitched them all. Come to think of it, I think it was Rush to Price. Working from memory here on a topic not of great personal interest, but always willing to help.

Thx for the sub-bump. ;-)

Jonathan Rowe said...

Thanks and my pleasure.