Friday, May 7, 2010

Joseph Priestley to Theophilus Lindsey on Jefferson

Northumberland, April 23, 1803.

Dear Friend,

In my last I promised to send you a copy of Mr. Jefferson's letter on reading my pamphlet entitled "Socrates and Jesus compared." The above is that copy. He is generally considered as an unbeliever: if so, however, he cannot be far from us, and I hope in the way to be not only almost, but altogether what we are. He now attends public worship very regularly, and his moral conduct was never impeached. I should, on several accounts, be glad to make the visit he proposes, but my business will not admit of it. If I leave this place, either the printing of my works must be intermitted, or I must request the aid of Mr. C, which I am not fond of doing; and though lie does his best, I find he has not been sufficiently used to the work.

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