Monday, September 21, 2009

Gregg Frazer Recommends Book

Dr. Frazer sent me this note along for my readers:

“The Liberty Fund, Inc. has just published a book that is a really valuable resource for readers of this blog. It is a huge collection (712 pages) of primary documents on religious liberty and church and state from the colonial and founding eras edited by Daniel Dreisbach and Mark David Hall. It is entitled The Sacred Rights of Conscience: Selected Readings on Religious Liberty and Church-State Relations in the American Founding. It includes a number of previously unavailable, rare, and hard to find primary documents. Whatever one’s position on religion and the founding, this extensive collection of primary sources will be a valuable resource. For those who don’t know Dreisbach, he is perhaps THE foremost expert on religion and the founding and has a very balanced view. I heartily recommend this for those who rely on primary sources.”

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Tom Van Dyke said...

Thx to Dr. Frazer for the excellent tip, and best wishes, Gregg.