Friday, July 24, 2009

The Unconfirmed Quotations Hit the Billboards

How embarrassing for the Christian Nationalists. When confronted with the fact that they just shelled out lots of $$ to erect a board of a fake quote, one of them responds:

Others carry the same message but with fictional attribution, as with one billboard citing George Washington for the quote, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."

"I don't believe there's a document in Washington's handwriting that has those words in that specific form," Kemple said. "However, if you look at Washington's quotes, including his farewell address, about the place of religion in the political sphere, there's no question he could have said those exact words."


bpabbott said...


Regarding your prior comment on Barton's motive; "Barton et al. want us to go back to the era when an orthodox Christian politically or religiously correct myth dominated certain very important societal and political circles, i.e., when the "orthodox" Churches had more social/political/legal power."

Is that any clear evidence indicating an answer to the question; Does Barton desire our society to be more religious, or desire religious power and control over our government? ... or both?

Jonathan Rowe said...

Both. And I think he attributes it to when official school sanctioned prayer was ruled unconstitutional in govt. schools.

bpabbott said...

Makes me wonder if Barton seeks a means for our Nation to gain greater divine favor (providence ?) or is he using religion to seek out a means to gain personal influence, fame, power, wealth, or / and other things?

Having read quite a bit of his writings and viewed several of his videos, I'd assume the former. However, I don't see how he can accomplish the former in the absence of the latter. So maybe the answer is (again) "both".