Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Mr. Jefferson, I know that you are a Deist..."

Bill Baker of Colonial Williamsburg is well known for his portrayal of President Thomas Jefferson. As can be expected of any person portraying Jefferson, Baker is well-acquainted with questions regarding Jefferson's religious beliefs. In the following video, Baker (Jefferson) is posed a question by an audience member who asks, "Mr. Jefferson, I know that you are a Deist. I'm wondering if this was the reason for your editing the Bible as we know it into your own version of the Bible?"

Mr. Jefferson's (Baker's) response is quite interesting. See for yourself:

The question is asked at 1:33 seconds.


Jonathan Rowe said...

He's good though, I think he repeats a myth with Jefferson sitting on the board of the American Bible Society.

Lindsey Shuman said...

I actually had the chance to listen to Baker at Colonial Williamsburg. I found him quite convincing. Thanks for posting this video.