Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miller Center Debate on Religion and Politics

In the past few months,the Miller Center of Public Affairs has hosted a number of interesting debates on a wide range of popular topics. In March of this year, the center focused on the issue of religion in politics by posing the question, "Should religion have a place in politics and government?" As could be expected, a great deal of the focus and attention of this debate centered on the founding fathers and their interpretations of religion in government. Since there are 15 separate clips of the debate, I chose to simply provide you all with the link to those videos instead of actually posting 15 separate video segments here at the blog.

The debate lasts for approximately 45 minutes, so it doesn't take long to watch. Here is the link to this debate.

1 comment:

Phil Johnson said...

A good debate.
I liked the final point about American pluralism.
I mentioned it in another thread.
Pluralism often gets confused with multiculturalism. They are two very distinctively different things.