Monday, July 21, 2008

American Heritage Group on Google

I have joined the American Heritage debate site at google. It is founded by a young evangelical Christian who is sympathetic to David Barton's point of view. We are engaging in civil debate. You can check it out and if you want to join send him an email. Though, I'll note, I have my problems with David Barton's research; but we are keeping it civil. No name calling. I don't necessarily expect to convince them. Just share some contrary evidence that will cause them to doubt Barton's dogma. Or at least be able to better deal with some of the historical facts that Barton doesn't share with his followers.

The following is a summary that the administrator has put together of our debate.


Tom Van Dyke said...

I like the format a lot, trying to consolidate agreement. Noble.

I also doubt whether it can sustain before one side crumbles into stupidity or disinterest.

But I have learned that my friend Jonathan Rowe won't be the one who's responsible for it. He's the most honest man I've ever "met."

It's best that you're solo on this one, Jon, as you won't have poisonous cementheads [a mixed metaphor, I know] trying to get your back by hook or crook. Please do keep us all updated.

I "met" Jonathan Rowe after observing him take on an entire Claremont comment section. [Claremont is the home of a Christianized Straussianism, mostly following Harry Jaffa.]

I sent a note of appreciation to Jon for his exemplary fairness and good manners in the face of the s[p]itstorm directed his way. If you're up on your Aristotle, friendship is born and borne through admiration, not agreement, and so, I'll always be proud to call Jon my friend.

Jonathan Rowe said...

Thanks much for this Tom and the feeling is certainly mutual.

We'll see how long the civil debate keeps up. I find that not blogging or commenting anonymously and knowing that the Internet is a public record of everything you say helps keep me civil.