Saturday, June 1, 2019

Andrew Seidel Publishes Book on "Christian Nation" Controversy

A hard hit from the secular left. Read about it here. A taste from an interview:
The second part of your book is "The United States versus the Bible." One chapter is titled "Biblical Obedience or American Freedom." Could you talk about this opposition in attitudes and philosophy?  
Sure. This also plays a lot into the Declaration of Independence itself, which was this document which was rebelling against this king, who was the defender of the faith. Even though the divine right of kings was gone by that time, he certainly believed himself to be instilled in that position by God.

The Bible demands obedience. The Bible is very, very clear on this point, many times over. The Judeo-Christian God demands obedience. And not just to himself, but also to the rulers that are on earth. Romans 13 is all about obedience to the earthly rulers. So here you have a country that was built on rebellion, versus a book that is all about obedience, and the two are in fundamental conflict. That's an important point that I try to make throughout the whole book. If you really pay attention to Judeo-Christian principles, and what those principles are — throughout the Bible, throughout the Ten Commandments — and look at the principles America holds dear and was founded on, the two are really diametrically opposed to each other. They’re in fundamental conflict. It does make it fair to say that these principles are un-American.


Our Founding Truth said...

What this guy has written is true. The founding fathers clearly made massive mistakes in forming the nation. Mature Evangelicals would never have allowed the insertion of the classic name of God instead of Christ, in the national compact.

Despite the effect of the enlightenment, men like: Sherman, SA, Witherspoon, Thornton, Wolcot, Livingston, and others have no excuse. I hold them all in contempt; not only for their rebellion, but for their grave errors in forming the country.

Tom Van Dyke said...

"Andrew Seidel is constitutional and civil rights attorney, activist, atheist, author, former Grand Canyon tour guide, and sometimes photographer."

What is this hack doing on our front page? He ignores 200 years of Calvinist theology that killed one English king and exiled another. What the Americans did was small potatoes compared to that. He has no idea what he's talking about.

Mark David Hall said...

Here is the first paragraph of my review of Seidel's book. Law & Liberty will publish the review, but I'm not sure when.

Andrew L. Seidel, an attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is an atheist, and an angry one at that. His recent book, The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American, is, in his own words, “not a work of academic history but an argument, an attack. Specifically, it is an attack on Christian nationalism.” There is nothing wrong with attacking something that needs to be attacked, but if an author hopes to convince the unconvinced, he or she needs to use evidence fairly, make persuasive arguments, and perhaps even do these things in a winsome manner. Seidel’s book will make no converts.

Ray will be pleased to see that Seidel weighs in on GW and the oath, and I offer a response.