Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Adventures of David Barton and Glenn Beck

Wow, the two of them here look like they are on some kind of "caper." Secret agents with Barton riding in the back seat getting ready to rescue Kim Davis. See John Fea's post and Warren Throckmorton's.

Seriously though, below is what I wrote on Facebook in response to Barton's strange blatherings:
We are a democracy and a republic. Revolutionary France called itself a republic. France also recognized a "higher law" -- a theism to undergird its principles to which they appealed; they simply -- like America -- re-envisioned this monotheistic God to be more "revolutionary." And this is one reason why many American Christians at the time supported the French Revolution and saw it as a continuation of the American.

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Tom Van Dyke said...

What Barton meant was a "constitutional" republic, where there is a higher law than popular sentiment [democracy]. Moreover, he cites the natural law arguments of the Declaration of Independence.

He was chatting in a car, fer crissakes.