Friday, July 26, 2013

Samuel Clarke Converts

a smart guy to biblical unitarianism.


Tim Polack said...

Another smart guy comments on Unitarianism:

While I appreciate the professor wrestling with his theology, I have done likewise though at a much less philosophical level I'm sure, I think Newman has a good point about "fullfilling their anticipations of religion, counterpart to their inward temper and modes of viewing things."

Tom Van Dyke said...

In short, [Clarke] believes in 3 divine persons, but only one, the Father is autotheos – divine through or because of himself. This one, is the one God of whom the OT speaks, i.e. Yahweh.

This illustrates the absurdity of the historian engaging in
such theological hairsplitting. That this difference amounts to a new religion, that unitarians are not Christian and therefore the Founding is "not" Christian, would make no sense to anyone outside Christianity. It still quacks like a duck.

Further, the God of the founding was indeed Jehovah--Yahweh if you will--which is why the neologism "Judeo-Christian" is apt.