Tuesday, July 17, 2012

John Barry on Reason TV

On Roger Williams.


JMS said...

Thanks Jon - excellent post and interview. As Mr Barry states, "When I started writing the book I quickly realized that I was not simply writing about the emergence of the idea of religious liberty, but liberty itself."

I recently finished reading Barry's book, recommend it to all American Creation readers, and hope to write a review of it soon.

IMHO Edwin S. Gaustad's book, "Liberty of Conscience: Roger Williams in America" is still the best bio of Williams. For students (with other reading loads) or casual general readers, Gaustad's condensed “Roger Williams” from Oxford’s Lives & Legacies series is excellent.

Phil Johnson said...

It appears (to me) that Roger Williams is one of the most misunder reported contributors to the America psyche.
I was impressed by the short article in the Smithsonian. John Barry seems to be on the same track only more intensified.
Thanks for posting this short; but, interesting article.