Monday, June 4, 2012

CPS Conference Done

I had a great time at the Christians in Political Science Conference. My presentation went as well as I could have hoped for. More on that later. Further I was treated very graciously, as a guest (as opposed to a member). I enjoyed meeting Gregg Frazer face to face for the first time and, as well, getting to know better, among others, Daniel Dreisbach, Mark David Hall, and Gary Scott Smith, all of whose work I enjoy and respect. Finally, I'm glad I got to meet Anthony Gill who bought me a beer. He is an amazing public speaker and has some great ideas too.


jimmiraybob said...

Do you think that there will be any video?

Speaking of recordings, Dr. Throckmorton did a radio interview on a Christian station that's well worth checking out:

Following the interview the hosts briefly continue the discussion. The whole thing is very thoughtful and an evangelical perspective radically different that what one thinks of when thinking of the David Barton crowd.

It's available as a podcast: click "podcasts" below the picture of the hosts. The show is Thu, 31 May 2012 and Throckmorton's interview starts just after the halfway mark.

Jonathan Rowe said...

There's no recording (unless it was recorded secretly or if I didn't notice something).

Thanks for the WT info. I will check it out and link.