Thursday, June 9, 2011

Samuel West's Universalism

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He was educated not only a Trinitarian but a Calvinist. He abjured his Calvinism at an early period, but what his particular views of the Trinity were, I cannot say with confidence; though he always ranked with the liberal party. He was also a decided Restorationist. Witness the following extract from his autobiography — " The final cause or ultimate design of all the laws by which God governs the system of nature, is the happiness of his creatures; and if individual evil is produced by the uniform operation of those laws, it is and must be conducive to the good of the whole. Nay, I am persuaded that the sufferings of every individual will eventually conduce to the advancement of its happiness, and that the greatest sufferings, and those which endure the longest, are designed, and will in the end terminate in proportionate happiness."

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