Wednesday, March 30, 2011

John Fea on CSPAN

Check it out here.


Ray Soller said...

Thanks, Jon. This is a great video to watch.

The "Did GW say SHMG" question came up. Barbara Clark-Smith answered by following the Don Ritchie, McCullough/HBO-John Adams, Chernow storyline, "almost nobody was close enough to hear it," while Ragosta said "GW almost certainly did not say SHMG."

It was good to hear that Fea finally got it right regarding the VA Constitution being the exception regarding no religious requirement to hold political office. His blog, Maybe America Was Meant to be a Christian Nation After All, and book mistakenly include NY. His book says, "With the exception of VA and NY [state constitutions], the power to hold political office was limited ... to those who affirm basic Christian doctrines ..."

Anonymous said...

That all such parts of the said common law, and all such of the said statutes and acts aforesaid, or parts thereof, as may be construed to establish or maintain any particular denomination of Christians or their ministers, or concern the allegiance heretofore yielded to, and the supremacy, sovereignty, government, or prerogatives claimed or exercised by, the King of Great Britain and his predecessors, over the colony of New York and its inhabitants, or are repugnant to this constitution, be, and they hereby are, abrogated and rejected.

Constitution of New York
April 20, 1777