Sunday, June 20, 2010

The One Best Way (No Really)

Positive Liberty recently disbanded because of unforeseen technical issues that we could not, for whatever reason, resolve. But the good news is the band is getting back together at The One Best Way (No Really). Please check us out and support our relaunch.

Like Positive Liberty this will be an anything goes blog with the baseline that we are all libertarians.


King of Ireland said...

Really missed it Jon that is good news.

Jonathan Rowe said...


Phil Johnson said...

Is anyone over there going to do a piece on General Stanley McChrystal?
Taking into consideration the military laws controlling what happens to a person convicted of insubordination in a combat situation, he could be tried in a General Court Marshall. If he were found guilty, he could die in front of a firing squad.
How about it? Anyone up to taking on that subject?