Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Blog Milestone: 1000 Posts!!!

Ladies and gentlemen:

I am pleased to announce a HUGE milestone for our blog. We have officially reached 1,000 blog posts! That's right, in just under two years, our blog has reached an important milestone that I think we should be extremely proud of. As most of you know, the "blogosphere" is full of a wide variety of blogs that tend to come and go in the fast-paced world of the internet. Being able to maintain interest and active participation in a HISTORY BLOG of all things can be a difficult chore. But thanks to all of you we are still standing after 1000 posts! And make no mistake, it's because of all of our EXCELLENT contributors, readers, followers, etc. that American Creation is still going strong.

And like any group that is passionate about its purpose, AC has had its ups and downs. Some days we all see eye-to-eye on things, some days we don't. But in the end it is my belief that this blog's greatest strength is its CLASHING of ideas and beliefs. Contrary to other sites where one is essentially required to be of one specific opinion or hit the road, American Creation encourages disagreement (and I for one love it). Sure, we may not be for the faint of heart and we may sound quite harsh every once in a while, but that's the price you have to pay sometimes to get at the truth.

So here's hoping for another 1,000...heck...10,000 posts! Thanks again to one and all for making this blog so much fun!


Magpie Mason said...

I am celebrating with an El Rey del Mundo (Honduran) and several bottles of Yuengling Premium in this first mild, sunny afternoon of 2010.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to AC and all its writers, good job.