Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why this Blog?

Who cares, anyway? Well, 90% of Americans do, if you believe this poll:

The American Revolution Center commissioned the first national survey to assess adult knowledge of the American Revolution. The results show that an alarming 83 percent of Americans failed a basic test on knowledge of the American Revolution and the principles that have united all Americans.

Results also revealed that 90 percent of Americans think that knowledge of the American Revolution and its principles is very important, and that 89 percent of Americans expected to pass a test on basic knowledge of the American Revolution, but scored an average of 44 percent.

The survey questions addressed issues related to the Revolutionary documents, people, and events, and also asked attitudinal questions about the respondents’ perception of the importance of understanding the Revolutionary history and the institutions that were established to preserve our freedoms and liberties. The survey results highlight the importance of, interest in, and lack of understanding of our Founding. For a printable PDF copy of the survey, click here.


Brad Hart said...

One word: DAMN!

I guess I should not be surprised at the findings of this survey. After all, most Americans get their history from Glenn Beck, The History Channel and "Braveheart."

So, so sad!

King of Ireland said...

So, so dangerous!