Monday, August 5, 2013

A Year Ago Thomas Nelson Lost Confidence in The Jefferson Lies

Warren Throckmorton tells us about it here.


Tom Van Dyke said...
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Tom Van Dyke said...

And in a bit of bad luck, Barton ran afoul of several left-wing activist ministers in Cincinnati, who were angry at his attempt to soft-pedal Jefferson's slaveowning.

They threatened religious book publisher Thomas Nelson with a boycott of ALL its books. Oy.

Fortunately, Barton's numerous anti-Religious Right critics of his "Christian America" thesis were available to supply the rope to hang him with, and supply Thomas Nelson with the necessary scholarly cover to escape the Barton debacle without being accused of "censoring" him.

A group of Cincinnati pastors and church leaders is boycotting Thomas Nelson Publishers over David Barton’s book The Jefferson Lies, saying it glosses over the third president’s racism and justifies his ownership of slaves.

Black and white pastors announced their boycott Aug. 1 in a press conference at Cincinnati’s New Jerusalem Baptist Church. Unlike most of the critics of Barton, an evangelical minister and author frequently accused of historical revisionism by the left, the Cincinnati ministers all serve in evangelical churches.

Warren Throckmorton, a psychology professor at Grove City College and frequent Barton critic, said the controversial author can no longer complain that his critics are all liberals and secularists, because all the Cincinnati ministers are evangelicals.

Well, of course the Cincinnati ministers might be "evangelicals," but a quick google shows them as solid left-wing activists, more widely known for their politics than their preaching.

The irony is that Barton was hanged by the slaveowning issue, which isn't even very relevant to the "Christian America" thesis that garnered him 99% of his critics up to that point. After evading their slings and arrows all these years, he tripped up on a molehill.