Thursday, March 22, 2012

Father Neuhaus on Mormonism as Christianity

A little old but recently recycled by First Things.

His summary:

“If Christian doctrine is summarized in, for instance, the Apostles’ Creed as understood by historic Christianity, official LDS teaching adds to the creed, deviates from it, or starkly opposes it almost article by article.”


jimmiraybob said...

Adding to the complexity is the “phantasmagoria” of Mormon theology—

Apparently typed without ironic intent.

Tom Van Dyke said...

In the latest First Things, it's wryly observed that many of those who insist Christianity worships the same God as Islam---which is completely devoted to denying Jesus as "the Christ"---fuss over Mormons not worshiping that same Christ.

Mostly, from what I gather reading letters from Mormons themselves here and there, many have a view of Jesus-as-Christ pretty much the same as orthodox Christians, and indeed closer to orthodox Christians than many "liberal" Christians are.

[This is only an impression and my own informal survey, mind you.]