Thursday, October 10, 2019

Michael Knowles Defends George Washington at George Washington University

In a speech sponsored by the Young America's Foundation and disrupted by angry protesters, conservative commentator Michael Knowles defends George Washington, particularly the mascot "George the Colonial," at George Washington University.

If you have time, I encourage you to watch the speech in its entirety.

In posting this, I find it a crying shame that American culture, especially with respect to higher education, has gone so far off the rails that we now need speakers to defend the honor and heroism of the father of our country. And it's pathetic that such a defense must be mounted at the university that bears our the NAME of our nation's father.

For those interested, I wrote on this subject myself in an Open Letter to GWU Students over at my blog on the American Revolution & Founding Era.

Sad days for our culture and our country.


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jimmiraybob said...

I assume that someone else will note the irony. GW fought to overthrow the oppression of colonial rule. Knowles wastes no time mocking those who, today, speak out against the oppression of colonial rule - the dreaded liberals. GW went on to unify and lead a new nation free of colonial oppression. Today's white liberals, apparently, would like to keep it that way. Why not honor GW and use the lecture time to advocate to change the mascot name from George the Colonial to to George the Destroyer of Oppressive Colonial Rule and Leader of a United Free Nation?

Vigilance against oppressive colonial ideas in the defense of a free republic is no vice. Or something like that.

What evs.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Vigilance against oppressive colonial ideas in the defense of a free republic is no vice. Or something like that.

What evs.

"Whatevs" is right, LOL.

Our left-wing friend completely misses the distinction between voluntary colonial settlements like America's and the forced subjugation of places like India.

The American settlers had no problem calling themselves "colonists" whereas the east Indians would hardly think of themselves with that word. Jimmiraybob commits the fallacy of equivocation here; his point is invalid.

"George the Colonial" is historically accurate and morally unobjectionable, even to politically correct revisionism.

jimmiraybob said...

Nice try. They were fine with oppressive colonial rule until they weren’t and decided to overthrow it and become a free people by fighting a war and then creating and passing on a constitutional representative democratic republic with a Bill of Rights guaranteeing certain individual and inalienable rights for the people that the new government had to protect – basically grounding government in the people and recognizing the potential pitfalls of unchecked government power.

George the Destroyer of Oppressive Colonial Rule and Leader of a United Free Nation? is historically accurate and more morally unobjectionable. And, it has the advantage of representing the principles of the founding that have formed the backbone of America's aspirational goals for 240 years. I'm going to guess that George would rather be represented by the latter rather than the "colonial." Donthcha think?

Why do "conservative" always have to go so far out on a weak limb to defend the untenable? Sad.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Unresponsive. You are completely ignoring the idea of what "colonist" meant to 18th century Americans. It had none of the negative connotations you are assigning it as a 21st century leftist.

jimmiraybob said...

"...a 21st century leftist"

Well, if that's what it takes to think that GW deserves better than to be "honored" by being portrayed as a comical caricature and submissive subject of an oppressive colonial power rather than the leader of the overthrow of that power and leader of the resulting free nation.

Tom Van Dyke said...

oh you leftists are such a bore

get a life LOL

jimmiraybob said...

Ha! Very well played. Nobody every expects the Sponge Bob Square Pants gambit. Even less so than the Spanish Inquisition. A monumental and staggering rebuke.