Saturday, January 27, 2018

Vox: Latest Hit on David Barton

It's entitled, Understanding the fake historian behind America’s religious right. A taste:
Of course, it’s worth saying that all accounts of history — left-wing or right-wing, secular or Christian — can also be, in a sense, a form of propaganda. Any narrative of America’s foundation will, of course, be mediated by the specific biases and concerns of the teller. (Historian Fea does a great job pointing out that the secular counterpart to the Barton narrative, that all founding fathers were non-Christian, deist secularists, is also wrong).


Art Deco said...

Warren Throckmorton once inveigled a visiting faculty member at Grove City into providing copy for his blog in the form of a 'review' of a trade book which had been published 15 years earlier.

You've been recycling discussions of this man's work for about five years now. You might just think up another topic.

Tom Van Dyke said...


David Barton, the much-criticized Christian nationalist historian whose deeply skewed perspective on American history has been used by a number of Republican politicians to bolster a false narrative of America as a historically Christian nation.

But America IS a historically Christian nation.