Tuesday, January 24, 2017

James Kabala's Book on Church State Relations in the Early American Republic

This was published in 2015. I've always found James Kabala to do solid work. Gordon Wood endorses this book.

And I made the footnotes on page 220 accessible here. As was mentioned in the note, back in the day when I was involved with the now defunct group blog "Positive Liberty," through a spontaneous and informal process that could have occurred only in the age of the Internet, Dr. Kabala and I mutually investigated the claim that the Reverend Bird Wilson (James Wilson's son) labeled the first half dozen American Presidents "infidels."

In fact there was a Reverend Wilson or Willson who made this claim, but it wasn't Bird Wilson. Rather it was James Renwick Willson, a Calvinistic covenanter.


Brad Hart said...

Nice to see you getting some deserved kudos in the footnotes!

Mark D. said...

Congratulations, Jon! And thanks for the book recommend! Something to add to my reading list!