Sunday, December 21, 2014

David Barton Wins Apology, $$ From Political Attackers

The left wing's favorite whipping boy, "Christian historian" David Barton, finally turned the tables on his opponents.  According to the website World News Daily, "two left-leaning candidates for the Texas State Board of Education, Rebecca Bell-Metereau and Judy Jennings, charged in a 2010 campaign video that Barton, a consultant to the Board, was 'known for speaking at white-supremacist rallies.'"

After nearly three years of pre-trial wrangling, including a trip to the Texas Supreme Court, where Bell-Metereau and Jennings failed in their bid to have the suit dismissed, the two settled with Barton just before the case was to go to trial in July 2014.

They agreed to give Barton $1 million and issued a contrite apology repudiating their 2010 claim that Barton is “known for speaking at white-supremacist rallies”:

“We understand that this statement suggested that David Barton is a white supremacist, and that the two organizations he is affiliated with, WallBuilder Presentations, Inc. and WallBuilders L.L.C., were associated with or supportive of white supremacists. After learning more about Mr. Barton, we realize this statement was false. We separately and jointly apologize to Mr. Barton for damage to him individually and to his two organizations as a result of that statement.”

Barton told WND he was “very gratified” by the win and has given the monetary award away.

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